Some doubts about the water individualization system:

It consists in the setup of a hydrometer in each housing unit with the purpose of issuing individual bills of the actual consumption in each apartment.
By not considering the actual consumption of each residential unit, leading the resident of an apartment with few residents to pay equal to one with many residents.
Yes. If your bill is not individualized, you will pay for the distribution of the consumption of the condominium, where all abuse of third-party consumption will be included.
1) Reduction in general consumption by about 30 to 40% in relation to collective measurement;
2) Reduction of condominium fee;
3) Social justice: each inhabitant pays for what they spend;
4) Fast detection of difficult-to-perceive leaks;
5) Add value to buildings;
6) Reduction of delinquency;
7) Reduction of water waste;
8) Increased user satisfaction.
The inclination of consumers after the individualization is to save water to pay less, in addition, checking for leaks becomes easier and can be corrected quickly. In buildings that have already chose for individualization, even though consumption depends on the habits and behavior of each resident, the economy of the total consumption of the condominium has varied from 30 to 40%.
Deployment is always possible and feasibility depends on the option of the condominium as the measurement system and the cost of the work, depending on the complexity of the building and the selected system.
In projects where individualized measurement has been planned, installation is quick. In older projects, there is a need for a careful assessment on a case-by-case basis through a technical visit. In apartments where the toilets are equipped with type Hydra valves discharge, the individualization are not possible to be implemented, also the toilets must be changed to the models with a coupled box.
In new buildings (less than 5 years), the plumb lines are usually already separated by apartment. The great challenge of the individualization in old buildings is the hydraulic work, because it is necessary to unify the plumb lines. For this type of undertaking, there is no possibility without a renovation. It is important to point out that, in buildings whose construction time needs a replacement of water columns, the possibility of individualizing instead of replacing the columns should be considered. A new pipe is placed and the old column ceases to have function.
Plumb lines, also known as distribution columns, are the vertical pipes of buildings, used to conduct the water from the upper/tub reservoir to the housing units, through branches (secondary pipelines).
No. LAAGER equipment has been homologated by ANATEL, uses a specific frequency of transmission and does not affect the operation of existing devices and appliances in the units.
They can be done in two ways:
1) Service offered to the Condominium, where the data is collected and sent to the administrator, who charges it along with the condominium bill.
2) By the local concessionaire (SABESP) that issues the bill and sends it directly to the consumer. In this model, it is necessary for the company to be certified in ProAcqua.
It is a Quality Program and Individualized Measurement Systems developed by SABESP, to certify that the individualization suppliers meet the requirements necessary for integration with the systems of the concessionaire. Only companies certified in PROACQUA are able to offer the individualization and issuance of the individualized bill issued directly by SABESP to each resident.
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